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how to install sod in New MexicoWith the weather warming up, it is common for homeowners to start looking at getting their yards ready for the summer.  This may include installing sod to get your grass growing.  I've heard from many people that sod won't thrive in New Mexico, but that isn't true, you just have to be sure that you follow the proper steps to ensure your ground is ready and you keep working on it for several weeks after installation.  

How to Prepare Your Lawn for Sod

  1. Remove all rocks and debris from the area.  Rake the area as flat as possible.  
  2. Add a peat moss or nutrient-rich topsoil to the ground.  
  3. Using a rototiller, turn the soil about 6-8 inches.  Rake the area again to remove rocks and debris you may have brought to the surface.  
  4. Create a
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In New Mexico we have been in the worst drought in history since the 1880's.  Due to the lack of water there are many water restrictions put into place to help preserve the water that is available.  

Lush green yards are not something you will often find in the area due to the lack of water to maintain a healthy yard.  Many residents are turning to a zeroscape or xeriscape yard to help keep their yards looking nice but not utilizing more than their share of the water.  

I always thought that Zeroscaping and Xeriscaping were the same thing, but there is a difference.  

What is Zeroscaping? 

Zeroscaping uses the philosophy of low-water landscaping, focusing on native plants and succulents.  Many times rocks and gravel are used to create scenery

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Back in February it was announced that Tesla was considering coming to New Mexico.  This would be HUGE for many reasons.  They are planning to make a decision and build their "gigafactory" by 2017.  This plant would build the batteries for the all-electric Tesla cars.  

As far as benefits for New Mexico, most importantly it would create approximately 6,500 jobs within the state.  This would make them the second largest employer in the state, behind Presbyterian Hospital/Health Plan.  Not only would those 6,500 new jobs be created, but those employees would spend money, boosting the economy in the area.  Not to mention the need for suppliers throughout the area.  

We are competing with Arizona, Texas and Nevada for the location.  While each state is

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Moving with children is not an easy task.  From their anxiety kicking in about moving schools and the change of an all new atmosphere to actually keeping them occupied and out of the way while you move furniture and boxes, moving and children don't exactly mix.  

Here are 10 tips to make your move with the kids a little easier going:

  1. Have a family meeting.  Have everyone sit down together to discuss the move, what that means to them and let the kids know you understand that it can be scary, but let them know how exciting it will be to make new friends.  
  2. Get the kids' feedback on your next home.  Even though the decision is ultimately up to you, allowing your children to have some say in what they like or don't like in the next home can
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Everyone is always concerned about their credit score; and it is understandable why. Your credit score can determine whether you get that brand new car you've always wanted, a house for you and your family, and even keep you from insurance and employment. First you need to understand what makes up your credit score.

Is your credit score importantThere are 5 factors that determine your credit score:
  • previous credit performance
  • current level of debt
  • the time that the credit has been in use
  • the types of credit available
  • and the pursuit of new credit
Out of each of these factors, your previous credit performance is the most important. Why is that? This is because it shows those looking at your credit how well you paid or are paying off your previous debt. 

We are going…
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get your yard ready for springIt takes a little bit of sunshine and warmth to get you ready for the spring. You can work outside then you need the weather to corporate with you. You have noticed that the spring weather has perked up your lawn and plants, and the weather has left its tole on you. This is where you have broken bushes, bare patches and a lot of clean up has to be done. With a little bit of planning, you can improve your lawn and be ready for the growing season. Later on, you will improve your garden by taking a little bit of time and energy and get your garden into shape. You will be rewarded with a healthier landscape, and it is appreciated by all the neighborhood. 

You can use a rake to prep your lawn by removing any leaves. This is important to take away all the debris…
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things to do in new mexicoIf you've lived in an area for an extended period of time, you may have forgotten about some of the treasures that are available to you.  You may think there isn't anything to do because you've simply forgotten about how gorgeous your area really is.  

New Mexico is a beautiful place to live.  There is a lot to do and see in the state.  From delicious foods to breath-taking scenery, you can always find something to do in this state.  

If you need some help remembering all we have to offer, here is a list of 50 things to do, see and taste throughout the state.  

  1. Visit one of the Native American Pueblos, Tribes or Nations.  There are 20 in our area, Acoma, Cochiti, Isleta, Jemez, Jicarilla Apache Nation, Laguna, Mescalero Apache Reservation,
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