How to choose the perfect wood flooring

Posted by Alfonso Salazar on Friday, May 2nd, 2014 at 11:36am.

Hardwood flooring is more popular than ever.  It gives you a timeless beauty along with the clean lines and durability.  This classic look is being used in many home renovations and opted for with new homes being built.  

All wood flooring is not the same.  There are different choices to meet your personal style.  Before you head to the store to pick out your flooring, there are several things to keep in mine, besides just keeping within your budget! It is easy to get overwhelmed and overspend, so you need to go in with a plan to balance the style and quality you want with the budget you have to work with.  

Here are some tips to help you choose the perfect flooring: 

 Tip #1

Match the room you are buying for with the flooring.  For example, you wouldn't put wood flooring in a bathroom due to the moisture.  Only purchase wood flooring for the appropriate rooms.  

Tip #2 

You will need to look at the demand the room will need on the flooring when picking a finish.  For example, you do not want a very light or very dark finish in the kitchen.  

Tip #3

You want to pick a flooring that is the appropriate finish to match your lifestyle.  If you have rooms with little to no use, you can get away with putting a lighter finish but in heavier traffic areas, like a hallway or living room, choose a tougher finish to keep up with the additional wear and tear.   

Tip #4

If you have never installed wood flooring yourself, you may want to consider having it installed.  If you are going to install it yourself, do your homework and research, research, research.  

Tip #5

The best part of choosing your wood flooring is picking out the color and style.  Be careful not to choose something that is too trendy at the moment, with the high cost of flooring, you want something that will last for years to come.   

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