How to Install Sod in New Mexico

Posted by Alfonso Salazar on Monday, April 7th, 2014 at 1:14pm.

how to install sod in New MexicoWith the weather warming up, it is common for homeowners to start looking at getting their yards ready for the summer.  This may include installing sod to get your grass growing.  I've heard from many people that sod won't thrive in New Mexico, but that isn't true, you just have to be sure that you follow the proper steps to ensure your ground is ready and you keep working on it for several weeks after installation.  

How to Prepare Your Lawn for Sod

  1. Remove all rocks and debris from the area.  Rake the area as flat as possible.  
  2. Add a peat moss or nutrient-rich topsoil to the ground.  
  3. Using a rototiller, turn the soil about 6-8 inches.  Rake the area again to remove rocks and debris you may have brought to the surface.  
  4. Create a smooth surface by raking and then compact the soil by either walking or tamping it down.  The ground should still be spongy but solid enough that you do not sink in while walking on it.  The area should be about 2 inches below any cement, pavers or walks to allow for the thickness of the sod.  

How To Install Sod: 

  1. Begin laying the sod along a straight edge like a walk or patio.  Your sod should be laid horizontally with the house or street.  If you are creating an irregular pattern, use stakes and string to develop a straight edge.  
  2. Place edges of sod together to promote rapid knitting of edges.  
  3. To cut the sod, use a sod knife or serrated knife to place around trees, irregular borders or other areas.  
  4. Fertilize the day of sod installation.  Fertilizer should always be watered into the lawn immediately after application to avoid burning the sod.  

Sod Maintenance

  • For the first two days, water sod heavily and thoroughly.  You should be abl eto see water on the ground surface, but not enough to have standing water.  Follow this three times a day.  
  • For the next 10-12 days, water thoroughly every day, but do not flood.  
  • After this, gradually reduce water to every other day for about a week.  
  • After 21 days you can determine the amount of water your sod needs and adjust your water schedule to match.  
  • About 4-6 weeks after installation, fertilize your lawn.   

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Wendy wrote: Your information is very helpful. I also like to add that watering the newly installed sod is also necessary except during rainy season. When the grass grow about 3 inches tall, it's time for you to mow it.

Posted on Wednesday, February 28th, 2018 at 5:21am.

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