Start Getting Your Yard Ready For Spring

Posted by Alfonso Salazar on Thursday, February 13th, 2014 at 9:24am.

get your yard ready for springIt takes a little bit of sunshine and warmth to get you ready for the spring. You can work outside then you need the weather to corporate with you. You have noticed that the spring weather has perked up your lawn and plants, and the weather has left its tole on you. This is where you have broken bushes, bare patches and a lot of clean up has to be done. With a little bit of planning, you can improve your lawn and be ready for the growing season. Later on, you will improve your garden by taking a little bit of time and energy and get your garden into shape. You will be rewarded with a healthier landscape, and it is appreciated by all the neighborhood. 

You can use a rake to prep your lawn by removing any leaves. This is important to take away all the debris that has accumulated over the winter. Bare patches in your lawn need to be seeded, and fertilize it when you are through. See if any equipment needs to be repaired. You should apply mulch around the base of the plants, and check to see if there are any bulbs and perennials that need to be taken care of. This makes your garden more beautiful. In the spring, you can fertilize growing plants with compost, aged manure or a fertilizer. This is the time where you should trim your trees and scrubs to get the any broken branches from them. 

This is when you should clear out the weeds and last season's garden debris from the beds. You need to start a compost pile, so that you can remove last year's debris. After the first spring mowing this is when you should apply the lawn fertilizer. You need to start with a sharp blade on your lawn mower, a dull blade will rip the grass rather then cutting the grass. You need to consider the soil type, sun and shade patterns and direction of the wind. You can soak the plant to get it to grow before you put it in the ground. Keeping the soil moist during the first season is very beneficial. This is very important to use when you are planting a garden. 

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