10 Tips for moving with children

Posted by Alfonso Salazar on Thursday, February 20th, 2014 at 1:19pm.

Moving with children is not an easy task.  From their anxiety kicking in about moving schools and the change of an all new atmosphere to actually keeping them occupied and out of the way while you move furniture and boxes, moving and children don't exactly mix.  

Here are 10 tips to make your move with the kids a little easier going:

  1. Have a family meeting.  Have everyone sit down together to discuss the move, what that means to them and let the kids know you understand that it can be scary, but let them know how exciting it will be to make new friends.  
  2. Get the kids' feedback on your next home.  Even though the decision is ultimately up to you, allowing your children to have some say in what they like or don't like in the next home can make a difference in how they feel about moving.  
  3. Purge before packing.  It is easier to move less, right?  Before you bring in the boxes to start packing, have the kids go through their toys and clothes to find things that are no longer being used, don't fit or have just outgrown.  Either donate or gather items for a yard sale. 
  4. Have a moving sale.  Allow the kids to sell the items they no longer want and keep the money.  You'll be surprised at how much more they are willing to get rid of.  The less you have to pack, the easier the move will be.  If you'd like, take all the money you raise during this sale and buy something for the family.  Maybe you want a new TV or a playset for the backyard.  
  5. Research the new area.  This is a great way to get the kids involved.  Go online and search for things to do in your new area.  Find community centers, parks, libraries, etc. that you will be able to easily get to when you move.  
  6. Design their new rooms.  Sketch out their new rooms and let them start to plan out where they want to place their things.  You can visit a hardware store to get paint swatches to help them decide what colors they would like in their new room.  
  7. Visit the new home.  Although this isn't possible if you are moving out of state, visit the new home, if possible.  Get the kids excited by doing a walk through of the new home.  
  8. Host a "see you soon" party.  The hardest thing for kids is saying good bye to their friends.  Have one last bash before leaving to let the kids spend some good time with their friends and gather all their phone numbers to keep in touch.  Even if you are moving a long distance, they can easily keep in touch with friends by call, text, video chat, email or an old fashioned letter.  
  9. Map the move.  If you are moving out of state, have the kids help you map out your move.  Make a list of landmarks you want to visit along the way.  Depending on your children's ages, you might want to have them figure out how far the drive is.  
  10. Be a tourist.  After you've moved in, spend a few days being a tourist.  Drive around the surrounding area, checking out the local restaurants and stores.  

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