Happy Earth Day!  

I love the earth  ways to green your spring cleaningWe all want to to protect our planet and Earth Day is a great reminder that we need to be careful in our day-to-day activities.  It's good that Earth Day falls in the middle of everyone spring cleaning, so we can take time to "green up" our storage, organization and decorating.  In order to reduce your impact on the environment and spruce up your home this spring, try some of these strategies: 

1. Storage: When you look in your pantry or refrigerator, you will likely see a lot of plastic containers.  These are extremely common and convenient to store goods in, but they are also extremely harmful to the environment to make.  Think about switching to glass containers (or reusing jam and pasta jars) to store rice, nuts, popcorn,…

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Renting Vs OwningThere are many people that believe that renting is easier than home ownership, or that owning a home will cost much more than renting.  There are many things to look at when deciding what is best for your family.  Here are some tips to help you make that decision: 

Tip One: Look at the overall cost vs. benefit argument.

It is true that renting can make more financial sense in the short run, but the long-range view is much different.  Over time your rent will rise, sometimes each year going up a little more.  If you purchase a home with a fixed-rate mortgage, your monthly payment of principle and interest will stay the same.  

Tip Two: Consider the power of leverage:

When you buy a home, you have the ability to magnify the purchase power of…

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First, let's talk about what "staging" is.  Staging is placing art, furniture and accents throughout the home to make it more inviting.  By staging a home, you are working to make it look bigger, brighter, cleaner, warmer and hopefully, make potential buyers fall in love with it.  Good staging to a home is like putting a well tailored suit on a man, it looks well put together, portrays confidence and draws people in.  

Why would you want to buy a home that looks distressed or plain when there is a home down the road that is clean, well put together and I already have ideas on decorating?  

Yes, staging does cost a little money that you may not have originally had in budget for, but it can make a big difference in how your home sells.   If you are…

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camaro hot wheelsThere is always a lot going on throughout Albuquerque and Rio Rancho on the weekends.  Here are a few things you can go check out.....or visit the links at the bottom for full lists of things to keep you busy all weekend!   

2014 New Mexico International Auto Show

  • When: April 11 (12pm - 10pm), April 12 (10am - 10pm), April 13 (10am - 6pm)
  • Where: Albuquerque Convention Center (401 2nd Street NW, Albuquerque, NM) 505-768-4575
  • Cost: $5-$10, FREE for children under 5

2nd Annual Albuquerque Balloon Museum Car Show

  • When: April 12, 2014 from 10am - 4pm
  • Where: Albuquerque Balloon Museum (9201 Balloon Museum Dr, Albuquerque, NM 87107)  505-768-6020
  • Cost: Regular museum admission

Fiestas de Albuquerque 2014

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Albuquerque Rail YardThe Rail Yard, located in the Barelas neighborhood is a building that I remember growing up.  It's a part of our history, a beautiful part of our history.  I love the windows and have always wanted to go down there and take pictures, lots of pictures.  

Unfortunately, for years and year it has sit, empty.  Yes, there have been several films that used the building (including Terminator, Avengers and Transformers) but for the most part, the buildings have been sitting there, unused and deteriorating.  It's depressing seeing the building getting old, breaking and more windows broken. 

There is a group (sponsored by 516 ARTS, a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit) that is transforming the rail yard into something that we can all enjoy.  

Beginning May 4,…

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how to install sod in New MexicoWith the weather warming up, it is common for homeowners to start looking at getting their yards ready for the summer.  This may include installing sod to get your grass growing.  I've heard from many people that sod won't thrive in New Mexico, but that isn't true, you just have to be sure that you follow the proper steps to ensure your ground is ready and you keep working on it for several weeks after installation.  

How to Prepare Your Lawn for Sod

  1. Remove all rocks and debris from the area.  Rake the area as flat as possible.  
  2. Add a peat moss or nutrient-rich topsoil to the ground.  
  3. Using a rototiller, turn the soil about 6-8 inches.  Rake the area again to remove rocks and debris you may have brought to the surface.  
  4. Create a…

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In New Mexico we have been in the worst drought in history since the 1880's.  Due to the lack of water there are many water restrictions put into place to help preserve the water that is available.  

Lush green yards are not something you will often find in the area due to the lack of water to maintain a healthy yard.  Many residents are turning to a zeroscape or xeriscape yard to help keep their yards looking nice but not utilizing more than their share of the water.  

I always thought that Zeroscaping and Xeriscaping were the same thing, but there is a difference.  

What is Zeroscaping? 

Zeroscaping uses the philosophy of low-water landscaping, focusing on native plants and succulents.  Many times rocks and gravel are used to create scenery…

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