Don’t Buy a Home Until You Do This

The crucial step all potential home buyers should take

Buying a home is a huge investment and something to be proud of. You’ve probably been building your credit and setting money aside for a down payment for years. Then, once the time is right, you go house hunting.  During the house hunting phase, you may be focused on finding the right floor plan and the perfect kitchen design. But there might be something you haven’t thought about – what if the ideal house isn’t so perfect after all? Even in new homes, there may be hidden issues.  That’s why we always encourage our clients to get a home inspection.

Home inspections are done during the inspection period after your offer has been accepted. We work closely with…

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Stand Out From The Crowd

How To Make A Strong Offer In Today’s Real Estate Market

 Today's New Mexico real estate market is pretty tough for home buyers. The limited inventory means home buyers must put their best foot forward from the get-go if they want their offer to beat the others. No – we aren't talking about sending a friendly letter saying how much you loved the house. You need to put together an offer that impresses the seller and makes them want to work with you. So, how do you do that? Let's look at a couple of strategies to get your offer noticed and accepted so you can get the home you're hoping for.

 Include a preapproval letter or proof of funds

You can't have a strong offer without showing that you can actually afford the…

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Elephant Butte Lake – A New Mexico Gem

Elephant Butte Lake is a reservoir located in central New Mexico.  Named for its prominent rock formations which resemble an elephant, this serene escape offers plenty of outdoorsy activities.  From fishing to hiking to boating, Elephant Butte Lake has something for everyone!

Outdoor Fun

New Mexico’s largest and most popular state park, Elephant Butte Lake, spans across 36,000 acres and is known for its beautiful views and clear water. There is plenty of space for boating, skiing, and even relaxing on the shore.  Fishers will especially love the lake as it is a great spot to catch catfish, bass, and walleye.

If you prefer to stay on dry land, there are numerous hiking trails where you can admire…

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Springtime in New Mexico

A Look at Today’s Real Estate Market

 New Mexico is warming up—and I’m not just talking about the weather. The real estate market in New Mexico is looking like it’s going to get more active in the next few months, so if you’ve been thinking about buying a home in New Mexico, you should do so sooner rather than later to avoid potential price increases and competition from other buyers.What else can we expect the housing market to do? Let’s take a closer look at some predictions we have for the New Mexico real estate market.

 Expect prices to increase in many areas

Home values have increased by over 12% in the last year. However, even with the low inventory, we don’t expect values to increase quite that much in 2024.…

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Starting from the exterior this home sits on 1/2-acre lot. The driveway is 65 feet long and extra wide plenty of space for friends and family to park on. The home is constructed of 2x6 exterior walls. The Stucco has Tyvek underlayment and has been meshed for strength with synthetic stucco. The roof is constructed in pitched area with black metal and rear of the home with TPO roof. Back of home has a large covered patio with gas stub-out.  All the windows are low E JELD-WEN for energy efficiency


Starting at the front door you will find a 36x 96-inch custom iron door with an opening inside glass panel. The interior doors are solid core 8 ft…

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Hakes Brothers Builders

In 2006, Kimball Hakes, along with his brothers Chris and Josh, officially opened their company, Hakes Brothers Builders, here in New Mexico. They hoped to revolutionize the home-building industry in Las Cruces through the creation of luxury custom homes. Since then, the company has built nearly 5,000 homes all over the state and is now the largest New Mexico-based home builder. 

Local Expertise

Hakes Brothers Builders has become a trusted name in the real estate industry. Their intimate knowledge of the unique New Mexico landscape and culture sets them apart from the big, national builders who aren’t as familiar with our beautiful state. They are known for their innovative architecture and personalized floor plans…

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Strategies For Home Buyers In Today’s Market

 Buying a home in today's real estate market is all about strategy. Sure, it may not be an ideal time to buy a home thanks to high home prices, low inventory, and interest rates higher than we're used to seeing, but if you can afford to buy a home today, you absolutely should. Trying to time the market will ultimately cost you time and money that you could have been gaining equity and enjoying a home that is all your own.  

So, how should you approach buying a home in today's market? We have some ideas.

The market has slowed down

Interest rates and inflation have made it more difficult for most people to purchase a home, leading to a slowdown in the real estate market. However, if you are in a…

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Benefits of Buying New

 Having a home built may be long process, but there are many benefits. Instead of dealing with bidding wars and low inventory, many home buyers are choosing to purchase new construction directly from a builder. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of buying new.


Home builders do a lot of research when deciding where to build a new home development. These new communities are typically found in upcoming markets where tremendous growth is expected. Typically these areas have plans for not just residential growth but also commercial and industrial growth that will stimulate the local economy.  

 Buying in a new build community will give you access to high-quality amenities. Schools and hospitals are also…

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How’s The Market?

A Look At The Real Estate Market In Albuquerque, NM


Like most of the country, Albuquerque’s real estate market has been red hot in the last couple of years. We have seen some colossal home value appreciation, bidding wars, and record low inventory.


Now, things are beginning to shift for a few reasons. First, you’ve probably heard that interest rates have increased significantly since the start of 2022. This increase, coupled with fears of an economic recession, has slowed the market down a bit. So what does that mean if you’re considering buying or selling a home in Albuquerque? Let’s take a look. 


It’s Still A Seller’s Market

Despite what you may have heard on the news, we are still in a seller’s market,…

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Rio Rancho’s Real Estate Market Continues To Grow

Rio Rancho is the fastest-growing community in New Mexico and a great place to call home! The city has been recognized as one of the safest and best places to raise kids in the country. If you’ve been thinking about buying a home in Rio Rancho, it’s a great idea to do so. Let’s discuss the real estate market in Rio Rancho so you can understand what to expect.

 How’s The Market?

The real estate market in Rio Rancho has been hot for years and does not seem to be cooling down. Sellers still have the upper hand when it comes to negotiations, but homes do sit on the market a bit longer than they do in other parts of the state – the average number of days on the market is 35. This is good news for…

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