Home Maintenance Tips to Prepare for Summer

Summer in New Mexico is the best time of year. The weather is warm, making it perfect for a trip to the lake or a day at the pool with friends and family. With so many fun activities to do on your days off of work, the last thing you want to do is worry about home maintenance. That's why springtime is a great time to take care of these necessary but sometimes tedious projects around your home. Let's look at some of the most essential home maintenance tasks to tackle now.

Service Your Air Conditioner

Summertime in New Mexico gets really hot. It's pretty normal for temperatures to be well above 90 degrees during the day, so the last thing you want is your a/c to be out of commission. Having the unit…

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Hardwood flooring is more popular than ever.  It gives you a timeless beauty along with the clean lines and durability.  This classic look is being used in many home renovations and opted for with new homes being built.  

All wood flooring is not the same.  There are different choices to meet your personal style.  Before you head to the store to pick out your flooring, there are several things to keep in mine, besides just keeping within your budget! It is easy to get overwhelmed and overspend, so you need to go in with a plan to balance the style and quality you want with the budget you have to work with.  

Here are some tips to help you choose the perfect flooring: 

 Tip #1

Match the room you are buying for with the flooring.  For example,…

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Happy Earth Day!  

I love the earth  ways to green your spring cleaningWe all want to to protect our planet and Earth Day is a great reminder that we need to be careful in our day-to-day activities.  It's good that Earth Day falls in the middle of everyone spring cleaning, so we can take time to "green up" our storage, organization and decorating.  In order to reduce your impact on the environment and spruce up your home this spring, try some of these strategies: 

1. Storage: When you look in your pantry or refrigerator, you will likely see a lot of plastic containers.  These are extremely common and convenient to store goods in, but they are also extremely harmful to the environment to make.  Think about switching to glass containers (or reusing jam and pasta jars) to store rice, nuts, popcorn,…

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