Homes for Sale in Jesse Pinkman's Neighborhood

jesse pinkmans house albuquerque breaking badWhen you think of Jesse Pinkman's house, what do you think of?  His house was always full of people having fun and living life.  The highly misunderstood Jesse actually lived in an area that is quiet and older.  Just minutes from the Albuquerque Country Club, Jesse's house is in a well established area of Albuquerque.  That's far from what the show showcased.  Jesse's home is located at 322 16th St SW, not far from The Dog House that was frequently used while filming Breaking Bad.  The owners of the Pinkman home do not want tourists, so please be mindful of their privacy.  Although they aren't selling their home, there are many in the area surrounding this iconic house.  

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Homes for Sale in Jesse Pinkman's Neighborhood

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