Are Lower Home Prices On The Horizon?

A Look At How The NAR Lawsuit Might Impact The Real Estate Market

You've probably heard the headlines about the huge class-action lawsuit regarding Realtor commissions during home sales. A jury found that Realtors conspired to inflate commissions for home sales, and now the way Realtors are paid will have to be more transparent and no longer the seller's responsibility. Realtors are in a panic, worried that they're about to lose their income. The general public is excited because they think this will make homes more affordable.

While we don't know exactly how this will play out since everything is still so new, we expect real estate in New Mexico and the rest of the country to change as a result of…

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Elephant Butte Lake – A New Mexico Gem

Elephant Butte Lake is a reservoir located in central New Mexico.  Named for its prominent rock formations which resemble an elephant, this serene escape offers plenty of outdoorsy activities.  From fishing to hiking to boating, Elephant Butte Lake has something for everyone!

Outdoor Fun

New Mexico’s largest and most popular state park, Elephant Butte Lake, spans across 36,000 acres and is known for its beautiful views and clear water. There is plenty of space for boating, skiing, and even relaxing on the shore.  Fishers will especially love the lake as it is a great spot to catch catfish, bass, and walleye.

If you prefer to stay on dry land, there are numerous hiking trails where you can admire…

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4 Common Turnoffs For Home Buyers

 Today's real estate market is different than it's ever been. Since the prices of everything you can imagine have increased, buying a new home may not be at the top of everyone's to-do list. However, in New Mexico, inventory is low in most cities, which means with a bit of patience, the right buyer will come along, and when they do, you want to make sure your home makes a great first impression. Even in today's unique New Mexico real estate market, there are 4 common turnoffs you should avoid while your home is on the market; let's look at them. 

Excessive Decorations

Some Realtors will advise their clients to completely strip any personality from a home and make it a "blank slate." I don't necessarily…

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Springtime in New Mexico

A Look at Today’s Real Estate Market

 New Mexico is warming up—and I’m not just talking about the weather. The real estate market in New Mexico is looking like it’s going to get more active in the next few months, so if you’ve been thinking about buying a home in New Mexico, you should do so sooner rather than later to avoid potential price increases and competition from other buyers.What else can we expect the housing market to do? Let’s take a closer look at some predictions we have for the New Mexico real estate market.

 Expect prices to increase in many areas

Home values have increased by over 12% in the last year. However, even with the low inventory, we don’t expect values to increase quite that much in 2024.…

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