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It's that time of year again — the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, the world's largest hot air balloon festival will take place from October 1 to October 9, 2016. This vibrant, globally renowned event attracts thousands of people every year, and for good reason. Situated in the gorgeous Balloon Fiesta Park which offers panoramic mountain views, the festivities can draw in more than 80,000 spectators to the friendly atmosphere.

The fresh fall air, the aroma of warm food, and the celebratory ambiance fills the park as guests wait for these amazing shows. What can you expect? Well, that depends on your ticket. The Chasers' Club ticket is an upgraded experience that offers you special seating in an exclusive, alfresco patio right in front of the…

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There are lots of places to take your date on Valentine's Day when you are in the Albuquerque area.  Whether you want a romantic dinner or a night out on the town, there is an abundance of things to choose from in the Albuquerque area.  Take a look at some of the ideas below: 

Grab your loved one and take one of the Valentine's Bike Tours.  This is great for those living a healthy lifestyle and want to get out in nature together.  

Go watch the hot air balloons lift off at the Friends and Lovers Balloon Rally.  

Enjoy a romantic dinner and wine pairing at the Valentine's at Los Poblanos.  

Do you and your love like to run?  Check out the Sweetheart Run.

Do you love music?  Miss the 90s?  Head over to the Rt. 66 Casino's Legends Theater to…

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The University of New Mexico is a little less than half way through the season and as of 12/20/2015, they are holding a 7-3 record.  The women's team is holding on with a 7-4 record.  If you want to follow the Lobos Men's and Women's basketball teams, the schedules for the 2015-2016 season is listed below.  If you'd like to tune into listen to the games, they are normally always aired on 610 The Sports Animal, which can be streamed from Rdio.com.  

Men's Basketball Schedule:  

Women's Basketball Schedule:  



TUE NOV 3, 2015   7:00 P.M.  
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Your home needs extra work to keep the cold out during the cold winter months.  Here are some things you can do to help keep that frosty air outside where it belongs, assisting you in lowering your heating costs!  

  1. Avoid drafts.  Place a rolled up towel or a draft snake at the bottom of your doors that lead outside to help cut down on any drafts coming through.  
  2. Change your furnace filters.  Dirty air filters will restrict air flow.  Change out the filters to keep the air flowing freely.  
  3. Switch fans to reverse.  Put your fans to run clockwise to push the warm air from the ceiling down.  
  4. Winterize your AC and Swamp Cooler Lines.  Lines will freeze if they still have water in them.  Be sure to drain them and if there is a water shutoff…
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There was a buzz throughout Albuquerque leading up to the big fight between Ronda Rousey and Holly Holm.  Everyone was rooting for the hometown fighter, but nervous about her lack of experience compared to Rousey.  In addition to MMA, Holm has experience in Boxing where she holds a record of 33-2-3.  

Holm fought Rousey for the UFC World Championship on Saturday, November 14, 2015 in Melbourne, Australia.  

The fight began with Holm and Rousey dancing around the ring and Rousey taking several punches to the face.  At 0:59 into the second round, Holm saw the opportunity to get in a kick to the head, dropping Rousey to the ground.  Without a second to waste, Holm jumped on her to finish the fight, causing the referee to intervene and call the…

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To an outsider looking in, they may be confused about why the streets are lined with little paper bags on Christmas Eve.  This is a tradition that New Mexicans have known for over 300 years.  The luminarias are little brown paper bags filled with a little sand and a candle.  The tradition started long ago to welcome baby Jesus into the world.  This was a way to light his path.  To this day, the tradition is live and well among New Mexicans each and every year.  

To make luminarias, you simply take a brown paper bag, fold down the top, add a few cups of sand then place a candle in the center.  The luminarias are normally placed outside the home lining the sidewalks.  

Many neighborhoods will come together to create large, beautiful displays of…

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In Albuquerque, the biggest event of the year is the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta.  Each October hundreds of hot air balloons hit the skies of the city, bringing in thousands of guests from around the world.  The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta first began in 1972 with just 13 balloons and now continues to grow each and every year.  This year's event takes place October 3 - 11, 2015.  

The  Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta is the most photographed event in the world.  This is for good reason.   The sight of hundreds of balloons in the clear blue sky, with the Sandia Mountains as your backdrop is absolutely breathtaking.  With the thousands and thousands of people attending  the event, and watching from around the city, you…

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Athletes from all over the world will come together to participate in the 2015 USA Roller Sports event.  This event will be three weeks long from July 11-August 1, 2015, and take place at the Albuquerque Convention Center. This event will feature inline speed skating, rink hockey and roller figure skating. This is a great event for the entire family to attend. Entry is $10 for general admission, Military is free with a valid ID, and discounts will apply for NM residents with a valid ID and groups. Event details are listed below.

If you are visitor to our beautiful State from out of town to take part is the great event “Bienvenidos”, that’s welcome in Spanish, and you need some ideas to fill up some free time. Below is a list of Restaurants, and…

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NM Home Team New Home - Albuquerque

When it comes to buying a new home, there are a lot of options. Whether you are looking to relocate for a new job, or simply need a bigger house because of your growing family: NM Home Team has you covered! 

Take a look at the options for sale in the Albuquerque area, by following the link to our website here: NM Home Team | Albuquerque Homes

If you need further assistance and would like a few pointers, we are here to help!

Contact us via phone anytime at (505) 450-3779, or chat with us LIVE on the website: NM Home Team Main Page

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Starter homes are great for a small family, newlyweds or a couple without children.  As your family begins to grow, you may feel that the smaller "starter" home you bought may not be the best fit for your family.  

Here are five signs that you may have outgrown your home and it may be time to upgrade.  

1. Your family has grown.  As your children get older or you have more children, you may find that spaces are beginning to get cramped.  Toys fill the bedrooms, living room and have began to take over the kitchen and other common areas. 

2. You've gotten older.  You don't necessarily need a larger home, you may just need a home that meets your needs better.  As your children get older and move on, you may find your home is no longer suiting your…

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