Starter homes are great for a small family, newlyweds or a couple without children.  As your family begins to grow, you may feel that the smaller "starter" home you bought may not be the best fit for your family.  

Here are five signs that you may have outgrown your home and it may be time to upgrade.  

1. Your family has grown.  As your children get older or you have more children, you may find that spaces are beginning to get cramped.  Toys fill the bedrooms, living room and have began to take over the kitchen and other common areas. 

2. You've gotten older.  You don't necessarily need a larger home, you may just need a home that meets your needs better.  As your children get older and move on, you may find your home is no longer suiting your…

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First, let's talk about what "staging" is.  Staging is placing art, furniture and accents throughout the home to make it more inviting.  By staging a home, you are working to make it look bigger, brighter, cleaner, warmer and hopefully, make potential buyers fall in love with it.  Good staging to a home is like putting a well tailored suit on a man, it looks well put together, portrays confidence and draws people in.  

Why would you want to buy a home that looks distressed or plain when there is a home down the road that is clean, well put together and I already have ideas on decorating?  

Yes, staging does cost a little money that you may not have originally had in budget for, but it can make a big difference in how your home sells.   If you are…

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