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There was a buzz throughout Albuquerque leading up to the big fight between Ronda Rousey and Holly Holm.  Everyone was rooting for the hometown fighter, but nervous about her lack of experience compared to Rousey.  In addition to MMA, Holm has experience in Boxing where she holds a record of 33-2-3.  

Holm fought Rousey for the UFC World Championship on Saturday, November 14, 2015 in Melbourne, Australia.  

The fight began with Holm and Rousey dancing around the ring and Rousey taking several punches to the face.  At 0:59 into the second round, Holm saw the opportunity to get in a kick to the head, dropping Rousey to the ground.  Without a second to waste, Holm jumped on her to finish the fight, causing the referee to intervene and call the fight.  

Rousey ended up leaving the fight via ambulance, getting her jaw and face checked for serious injury.  There are unconfirmed reports that her jaw could be broken and/or wired shut along with the possibility of a long break from fights.  

Why does the world love Holly Holm?  

Prior to the fight, Rousey was mouthy with what she had to say about Holm and ultimately predicted her own loss, stating Holm would try to win by kicking her in the head but that she wouldn't allow that to happen.  That is exactly what happened.  Throughout all prior interviews and weigh-ins, Holm held her composure and showed nothing but respect for Rousey.  The same respect was not displayed from Rousey regarding Holm.  She spoke badly about her and was very confident that she would be walking away the winner.  These evil words ended up biting her in the butt as the left breaking her streak of 12 undefeated fights.   Holm didn't have to run her mouth or try to talk down to Rousey, she concentrated on her skill to beat Rousey.  This may have caught Rousey by surprise, as she is used to her components being just as cocky as she is.  Holm held herself to a higher standard, even kneeling down to see if Rousey was okay after the fight was over.  

Will there be rematch? We don't know yet, but rumor on the street is there will be one.  

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